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"This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased." - Matthew 3:17

The difficulty with the love of God is that the human heart assumes it has to earn God’s love, or at least work hard to justify receiving it. It’s very difficult for the broken human soul to conceive or think about a love that is not earned. We assume that love is contingent upon our performance. We think, “I love you because of how you treat me” or “I love you because of what you do for me.” “I love you because you’re such a nice person.” All of these are a love that is responsive. Only responding to certain conditions that elicit our love.
The love of God, however, is a motivating love. It requires no performance. It is self-giving love that flows from a nature that loves us always; whether we are high capacity producers or not.
For us to somehow presume that we must earn God‘s love through our behavior or justify God loving us by living up to production standards sends a signal to God that His love is counterfeit. Do we really mean to do that? Probably not. But our own brokenness has jaded our understanding of love to such limitations.
The love of God is unconditional. It is not tied to performance or output. It is in the love of God that the human heart finds ultimate shalom. Rest in the love of God and be affirmed that you are a child of God.



By Kevin W. Mannoia

Our first instinct is to say that any interference with our established pattern of normalcy represents an aberration and distraction from the true path God has for the Church and Christ-followers in being salt and light in the world. But what if the interference is really part of the journey? What if the thing we consider to be the distraction is really just another season of change that is endemic to the human condition? What if the normalcy we assumed was ideal is in fact an anesthesia of the soul that inures the people of God to the core, the heart, the essence of the good news of Jesus? What if the real path to which God has called us is really to embrace every circumstance and therein to find the reality that our citizenship really is not of this world?


COVID-19 may have caught the church off guard, but it never surprised the Kingdom of Heaven. Perhaps it is an opportunity to discover afresh the amazing grace, the expansive love, and the profound otherness of God. And, in discovering a rebirth of sorts to the nature of being God’s people. It seems there are two pathways:

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May 26, 2020
Conversations with Kevin
Church in the Time of COVID
Topic: "Pastors Staying Vibrant"

September 23-25, 2020
New Room Conference
"The Second Half of
the Gospel"
Nashville, TN

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